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CT Scanner

The Fort Saskatchewan region grew dramatically in a very short time and our past health care facility did not offer all of the services needed to effectively support the city and surrounding areas. In response to this, a new hospital was constructed to better serve our community.

The new Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital provides services and facility enhancements that are recognized by every patient and visitor. It is a place where babies are born, children are stitched, surgeries are performed and seniors are healed. Between initial planning and when the hospital opened in 2011, the Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital Foundation raised funds for special equipment. The priority project was the purchase and installation of a CT scanner, providing state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging to the community.

Hospital foundations across Canada are renowned for their work in providing additional resources for health care facilities in their communities. The Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital Foundation’s mandate is simple: to enhance health care in our community and surrounding region.

Women’s Health

The Women’s Health Program Enhancement at the Fort Saskatchewan is a tremendous success, thanks to the community. 1751.75 hours of extended training by hospital staff were completed in operating room education, emergency and day surgery education and inpatient education specific to women’s health issues. The Fort has extended skills and means to successfully implement and support the expanded women’s health program for gynecology and LDR patients.

This is an overview of how the Women’s Health Program at FSCH was enhanced as of July 4 2017. It is a welcome addition for families using the Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital.

How do we start the enhancement?

Prior to Dr. Oyewole our Chief of Women’s Health starting Apr 1, 2016, there were months of prep work, meetings and discussion about how to enhance our Women’s Health Program at the Fort. We had been delivering babies for years but we needed more structure and a solid focus on what we wanted to achieve.

Where it all began…

The Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital Foundation provided funds necessary for the Hospital to offer education to IPU, ER, DS and the OR staff on the most current practices and equipment being used to care for Gynecology and LDR patients.

Inpatient Unit Education

In May and June all of the Labour and Delivery nurses received 4 days of education to ensure that they were being taught the same policies, processes, procedures and guidelines as the rest of the Edmonton Zone.

All RN’s and LPN’s were the given half a day of education about the gynecological procedures that were to be performed at our site.

All new RN’s being trained to Labour and Delivery now receive the same education as the RAH and the Sturgeon, which are 10 classroom days followed by 5 buddy shifts.

This brings the total education for IPU to 1262.75 hours.

Emergency and Day Surgery Education

All ER and DS nursing staff received a 4 hour education session about the new gynecological procedures that Dr. Oyewole would be performing.

The ER nurses were educated on the new Women’s Health Processes Emergency Nursing Orientation modules and emergency considerations for both OB and Gyne situations.

The total educations for ER/DS were 188

Operating Room Education

These are some of the new services being offered at our site:

  • Abdominal hysterectomy
  • Vaginal hysterectomy
  • Cauterization of endometriosis
  • Tubal ligation and many more
  • Having these new services meant that we were in need of new equipment
  • All of the OR staff were invited to a Vendor Fair to see the equipment and then were provided with in-servicing on how to use the new instruments.
  • The OR nursing staff also received training on the new procedures, this resulted in a total of 301 hours of education.

Hours of Education

  • IPU = 1262.75
  • ER/DS = 188
  • OR =301

Total = 1751.75 hours

Women’s Program Management Team

In September we created our WPMT- Women’s Program Management Team. This is our Core moreOB Team, also known as our Quality Council. Our team is made up of Nursing, MD’s, a Unit Clerk, Midwifery and Management. We also have the option of asking other disciplines to attend on an ad hoc basis when needed.

This is when the starts really started to shine.

Having structured meetings allowed to WPMT members to come up with some ideas to engage our staff and also inform our community on the benefits of having Women’s Health at our site.

Quality Board for our Staff and Community

We want our patients and their families to know that patient safety is our number one priority.

Labour and Delivery Tours

We now have scheduled tours on the third Wednesday of every month for new moms and their families to come and see our site and ask questions.

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